Digital Design

Course Code: 
EE 142
Course Title: 
Introduction to Digital Design

Credits: 3

Description: EE 142 is an introductory course to digital design. Its objectives are getting familiarized with the fundamentals of digital logic and understanding the basics of designing circuits with digital components. The first part of the course is devoted to the theoretical foundations of digital circuits – namely Boolean algebra. In the following, fundamental combinational components like adders, subtractors and multiplexers are taught. Sequential components starting with simple latches are investigated after combinational circuits. At this stage, different sequential components such as flip flops, counters, and finite state machines are studied. Finally, memory units and programmable logic arrays are briefly discussed. This course does not have regular laboratory sessions. However, in this class you will learn and use Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools. There will be assignments and projects that will give the ability to use CAD tools to design and simulate digital circuits.

Text Book: Digital Design by Morris Mano 4th Edition . This edition contains an introduction to Verilog HDL..

TA: Mehmet Sinan Yildirim (

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All interaction, including online courses, project submissions, etc. will be the course page on